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Re: brewers yeast

Howard Berg wrote:

> Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 19:31:17 +0000
> From: rogue at europa_dreamscape.com
> Subject: Re: brewers yeast
>  I have been using bread machine yeast plus hot water to make up food
>  for my daphnia cultures. I keep hearing about using brewers yeast. I
>  recently got some from general nutrition, It doesn't seem to go
>  into suspension even with boiling. How do you folks use brewers
> yeast to culture daphnia. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanx

Hi Howard, long time, no see!

The nutrition-store yeast is almost certainly processed and dead. Really hot
or boiling water would kill it if it wasn't dead to start with. It *is*
tough to rehydrate under the circumstances, if they pre-dessicate it.

If I want dead food for daphnia, I use gram flour (ground chickpeas) from a
local East Indian market. IMO, live, active yeast should work better, so the
water should only be warm to wet it, not hot. It should disperse better and
not float or sink as readily as the killed stuff. Get it at a brewery or
winery supplier, though, not at GNC.

I try to cultivate enough green water that I have a steady source of living
food for the daphnia, with a high nutritional value. I supplement that with
tank-change water and feed Miracle Grow to encourage the *Euglena*.


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