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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #475

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<< Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 07:43:07 EDT
 From: IDMiamiBob at aol_com
 Subject: Re: Brewer's yeast
 Howard writes:
 > I have been using bread machine yeast plus hot water to make upfood 
 >  for my daphnia cultures. I keep hearing about using brewers yeast. 
 >  so I   recently got some from general nutrition, It doesn't seem to 
 >  go into suspension even with boiling. How do you folks use brewers 
 >  yeast to culture daphnia. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanx 
 >  Howard  >>
	I have had a culture of daphnia going for a couple months now and 
although it would probably be better to feed them "live foods"(algae, 
Euglena,etc.) I have had no trouble using Brewers yeast to keep them going. I 
actually have trouble using them fast enough to keep the culture from getting 
too big and crashing on me!
	Anyway, all I do is take a brine shrimp net, with the very fine mesh, 
pour a teaspoon of the brewers yeast into it and swish it in the water at the 
top of the tank. As I do that I'll also pinch the yeast from the bottom of 
the net to squeeze more of the cloudiness into the water. Doing this keeps 
almost all of the solids in the net for easy removal and dissolves/suspends 
the rest of the nutrients in the water for the daphnia's delight.
	Hope this helps.
	Kurtis Gelhar (BlueScarab at AOL_com)