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microworms survival, etc.

I just discovered this list. Fascinating!

Here is a surprising story (it surprised me, anyway):
A friend in Montreal had an aquarium, and was raising microworms from a
culture I had provided her with. Then they had that terrible ice storm
in Jan 1998(?). She and her family had to move out for over a week when
they lost their electric power. It was below freezing outside. It was
very cold inside the house, although the water in the house did not
freeze.  When I spoke to her after they were able to return home, she
told me that, not surprisingly, her fish had all died. What really
surprised me, though, was that the microworms were still alive, and she
had even successfully resumed culturing more of them. I did not suspect
they could survive near-freezing temperatures, and for over a week at

If anyone needs microworms, and is near Winnipeg, let me know.
Where do you get wingless fruitflies (without a whole lot of hassle &