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Re: Nemos Live Food

I bought them at That Fish Place in Lancaster, PA. when I was there in March
on a business trip. They are manufactured by a local company in Penn. They
are kits which consist of a small margarine like container with a couple of
holes in the lid. They have a sealed bag which contains the culture on a
small thin sponge material. A small solo cup of oatmeal and a small bag of
yeast. You cut open the culture, place it on the bottom of the container,
pour the oatmeal on top of it, add a tablespoon of water, and a pinch of
yeast. Then put on the lid and wait a couple of days and presto small worms
are crawling up the sides. They are larger than the microworms I have
cultured. But I have not ever had any white worms so I don't know if this is
what they are. The instructions say not to let them freeze. But keep them
between 65 and 95 degrees F. I didn't think white worms could live at those
high temperatures. Thanks for your help.

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Date: Wednesday, May 12, 1999 9:00 AM
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>Hello Kevin,
>Could you supply more data -- is it a prepackaged item? Just a starter
>culture? What does the worms? look like, etc.
>> Can anyone tell me what is in the NEMOS live food? That is sold at  >
some pet stores. I bought some and started the culture. I was       >
wondering if it was microworms or something else?
>- -Kevin