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Re: nemos live food

The culture you describe sounds just like microworm cultures that used to be 
sold in this area (Ohio). If they seem larger, it could be differences in 
what you are feeding them, or in the mix of species you are culturing. There 
can be four of five species of microworms in one culture. You could contact 
That Fish Place for specific information about your purchase from them. 
1-888-THATPET or 
White worms are earthworm cousins, quite different from microworms. They are 
segmented, with little patches of stiff hairs they use in locomotion. Locally 
I could always find them in the woods by the gallon under really old hickory 
and beech logs when the weather was cool in the spring and fall (50's 
fahrenheit). The first time I saw them, I thought it was some kind of pure 
white mushroom. They were just pure worms, no dirt, sticking to the bottom 
side of the logs. This is the first year that the woods are gone, and I may 
have to culture them like everyone else does. They can be raised in a plastic 
shoe or sweater box in the refrigerator. Cut a couple rectangles out of the 
lid. Take some slightly larger metal window screen and lap over the holes 
from the underside. With an old iron, iron the screen into the plastic which 
will melt slightly. Do this on a firm noncombustible surface, like the 
sidewalk, or a piece of slate. If you use a new iron, you will have to clean 
bits of plastic off the iron. Save the plastic rectangles. Fill the box with 
dirt or damp shredded newspaper. Add the whiteworm culture -- this will not 
work with microworms -- and feed them fish food that your fish don't care 
for, Purina cat chow, or commercial worm food for red worms. Set the plastic 
squares on top to cover and uncover the screening so that you can control the 
humidity in the box. It should be damp, not wet or dry. Next time I do this, 
I will set some hickory bark on top of the culture to see if the worms will 
congregate under it like they did in the wild. Gosh I haven't had to do this 
in years. Do they still make hard plastic shoe boxes?