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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #432

I discovered beautiful, vividly patterned snails on some plants I brought
back (to NM) from Louisiana for my planted guppy tank.  Unable to bring
myself to destroy such attractive creatures I've been keeping them in the
aquatic end of my salamander's tank.  
pH:8.2ish, I don't check very often, 
KH unknown but I know it's high, 
feeding: the _small_ amount of algae that manages to grow, occasional
crickets that drown themselves, and a small peice of spinach, kale, etc.
every other day.  
The snails are doing wonderfully, I've even got enough that I was
considering using them to keep the sides of my green water jug outside
clean.  I don't know much about ramshorns except that they're hard to
kill and harder than @#%^&* to get out of a heavily planted 65 gal. guppy
tank, but maybe this will help.

Amelia Ricks
Albuquerque, NM

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