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egg-layers vs live-bearers

> From: UncleScott <UncleScott at prodigy_net>

> > certain cichlids, will produce more fry per week (make that WAY more) than
> > guppies will per month.  They are really easy to spawn, and really easy to
> > raise the fry up to the size you want.

Isn't the real question how much output you can get from a given size
culture, regardless of how many fry the individual females produce at
a time? A large population of live-bearers provides a stable source of
feeders. I think this is preferable to the erratic output of egg-layers.
Eggs have to be protected. Fry have to grow to a free-swimming stage;
during this period they're absorbing their yolk-sacs, so there's some
wastage there. But hey, whatever works for you!

Cliff Lundberg ~ San Francisco ~ cliff at noevalley_com