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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #164

> certain cichlids, will produce more fry per week (make that WAY more) than
> guppies will per month.  They are really easy to spawn, and really easy to
> raise the fry up to the size you want.

Bob D has a good point. Certainly convict cichlids and the fry of an
even more prolific fish, Herotilapia multispinosa - the rainbow cichlid,
can be used as food. Every time a storm front comes through... I think
our kids first began to learn about the birds and bees from some utterly
shameless rainbow cichlids.

I've used their fry for large Epiplatys not because I dislike the
cichlids, but because a person can only properly care for so many of
those guys.

Be careful to feed them very young though, before their unpaired fins
get too big and stiff, so that whoever is feeding upon them is not in
danger of choking.

In one of the books is a picture of the pike topminnow (Belanosox)
taking a surprisingly large cichlid fry. I would rather feed rosy reds
to Belanosox (if I really wanted Belanosox), but those eating machines
need live food from the get go and they are born very large for a member
of their family.

				All the best!