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Raising fry as food

>*Macropodis opercularis* (Paradise Fish) will produce about 300-500
>young per week per pair, and also don't need sub-tropical conditions.
>With Guppies you only get a few each time. With the Zebras like I described
>you will get 300+ fry and the fish don't really try to eat the eggs.
>Danios, and certain cichlids, will produce more fry per week (make that WAY
more) than
>guppies will per month.  They are really easy to spawn, and really easy to
>raise the fry up to the size you want.

Either these numbers are inflated, or I'm doing something *really* wrong.
I've raised each of the above (except danios) and never had that kind of
return.  Not enough to 'pay for' the effort that goes into them.  Initial
spawn, yes... but not surviving fry, after a few weeks.

What are your actual survival rates, to a size that they'd be useful food
for a large fish?

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland