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Re: Confused beetle Strainer

Strainer mesh: , the largest mesh size of a plastic hand held strainer I
could find. It is just small enough I can slip it into a drumbowl.
	The mesh size, I can get a pencil lead through.

	The idea is to clean up the flour before it goes into the bowl and
or gets the beetles. Then no flour in the water, nothing to wash up.

>Can you describe the mesh size?  Is it a plastic strainer or one of
>the kind with window screen type material?  More like a colander, perhaps?
>I'd like to get some of these beetles, but I don't have a real good idea
>of their size.  My last acquaintance with them was in a bowl of porridge
>one early morning when I was a little kid.  I now realize how dazed an
>adult can be before the first cup of coffee....

E-mail me privately and I will send you some.

BTW the St. Louis get together:

Show dates:  April 17, 18, 19  at the Bel-Air Bowl in Belleville, IL  1700
Sullivan Dr. 62226 ** 1-618-233-1705

Trevor Meyer  -  908 Winslow Rd.
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Jack Heller   -  484 Whitree
Chesterfield, MO 63017
1-314-532-4210     hellerap at aol_com

Charles Harrison  -  319 Martigney Dr.
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