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Earthworms for Goldfish

Hi there.

This has probably been answered before, but I figured since I'm new to this
particular list I'll ask (Btw, I've just got done searching the archives
and haven't found an answer yet.)

Has anyone found any diseases/parasites, etc. that are transmitted from
earthworms to goldfish?

I keep goldfish and would like to feed them more live food. I can get
earthworms from a local bait shop. Are there any types I should stay away
from? Any way to tell if they are healthy or diseased? Or need I be
concerned? I read it recommended that fish keepers should stay away from
worms grown around pesticides. Is that the only requirement?

Any information is appreciated.

Thank you,
Tara Reynolds.

Tara (Tutcher) Reynolds 
mailto:tutcher at gate_net
History and Genealogy of Camden & Charlton Co., GA