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Re: Confused beetle

>Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 17:07:38 -0500
>From: "Barry J. Cooper" <bjc3 at cornell_edu>
>Subject: Confused beatle
>>From: Charlie Myers <cmyers at nrao_edu>
>>I've recently read a thing or two about the 'mysterious' (at least to me
>>it is) confused flour beetle, aka mini-mealworm.  Does anyone know where
>>I can obtain a starter culture of these little guys?
>>Sounds as if they would be easy enough to keep on hand for an additional
>>alternative to offer as food.
>Carolina Biological. http://www.carosci.com/. They are easy to culture and
>a pain in the ass to collect for feeding.

I read that they can be collected more easily if kept in powdered milk
instead of flour.  I believe it was Matt Kaufman who said that when raised
in powdered milk, all you have to do is strain them and rinse the milk out
of the strainer, then you have just beetles.

David W. Webb in sunny and warm McKinney, TX.