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Re: rotifers

>Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 01:46:55 -1000
>From: "Mach T. Fukada" <fukada at hawaii_edu>
>Subject: Rotifers
>I am looking for freshwater rotifer cysts or a starter culture of either B.
>rubens or B. calyciflorus.  I have been told that they are included in the
>instant infusoria products,  howeverI have never gotten any of them to work
>for me (maybe to old after going via the slow boat to Hawaii).  Anyone know
>of sources or would be willing to sell. give, lend, etc a starter culture?
>Mach T. Fukada, Web Master
>fukada at hawaii_edu
>Honolulu Aquarium Society

Florida Aquatics (Aquaculture Supply) have an excellent book that includes
rotifer culture. They also sell the cysts that can be "hatched" to start
cultures, both freshwater and saltwater. They have a web site
(http://www.aquaculture-online.org/graphic/sponsors/aquaculture/supply.shtml), w
hich I've looked at in the past. I couldn't connect to it just a few
minutes ago, so I'm not sure how much success you'll have. You might also
be able to find reference to them by searching the archives of this list
and the killietalk list.


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