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Re: Confused beetle

>>Carolina Biological. http://www.carosci.com/. They are easy to culture and
>>a pain in the ass to collect for feeding.


This is Charles Harrison in St. Louis

A few words about that Confused Beetle:

They are easy enough to keep on hand for an alternative to offer as food.
AND they don't go BAD! Very little smell and NO maintance.I set them up in
a drum bowl with sifted Flour. I take a few out weekly, both bettle and
larva and feed any of those fish which eat fruit flies.

	I looked around to find the strainer with the large mesh. The local
food store sells the one I am using. The easest food I have found to use is
Whole Wheat Flour, The Stone Ground kind. To start, simply sift the flower
you are going to use as their mediun/food through the strainer you just
bought. Sift enough to fill a drum bowl 1/4 to 1/3rd full.Add some of the
critters, cover with a panty hose/rubber band lid and wait three weeks and
strain out what you need.

	If you can't find a hand strainer, let me know and we will have
some here at the SLAKA show.

Strainer for the flour first, then you have just beetles.

Charles H