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Re: [Live-foods] Green water for daphnia

Hello Tomoko

I'm starting to wonder if we need to put a bit of buffer in the cultures to
stabilize the pH.  My cultures are in very soft pure water.  The green water
seems to go well (temps 40s low to 60 high) but the daphnia reproduce but do
not get to very high densities.

I bet you need to add some aeration or even a little yeast reactor to add
co2 to the culture.

Another thing to consider is the surface area to volume.  If the open
surface is very small there is a large amount of culture that is not able to
gas exchange.

I'm currently running a fertilizer test to determine my best option for
enriching cultures.

In one liter containers I put:
1 cup composted manure
1 cup oak leaves
1 tbsp 5 10 5 garden fertilizer
1 cup urine
1 tbsp 24 3 12 Lawn fertilizer
1 tbsp fall lawn fertilizer
1 tsp peters 20 20 20 

It turns out the urine and 20 20 20 worked the best for turning the water
green so for me it's a clear (albeit yellow) choice.

The daphnia survived all the treatments but aren't yet thriving.  I'm
starting to lead towards adding aragonite to the cultures to buffer the
cultures and co cultures.

Isn't Nanochloropsis a saltwater species?  How did you id it or did you
start with a purchased culture?

What salinity are you culturing it at?

What is the source water you're culturing it in?

Do you have chloramines in your water?  Do you dechlorinate?

Best Fishes
David Lains <}}}><
Eugene Oregon

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Hi y'all,


I have been culturing green water successfully indoor for a few years.
However, I don't seem to be able to do the same outdoor.  I keep my green
water in dappled shade.  The temp right now is in 80's during the day and
high 50's at night.  I fed the culture with liquid African Violet food since
I did not put any guppies or gold fish in there.  The container is about 2
to 3 gallon size.  I tried a larger one with no luck in the past.  The
culture is nanochloropsis.  It sits there and get a bit darker, but then it
becomes foamy on top and dies.  What can I do to improve the situation?




Tomoko Schum 

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