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Re: [Live-foods] Green water for daphnia

I have had a similar problem with small indoor cultures with no water movement and the odd fish. Indoors a 20-gallon tank of Goodieds, set up like a plant tank but w/o the plants, a small power filter with no filter media keeps the water moving and the greenwater doesn't settle out. Likewise a well lit 10-gallon full of Endless Livebearers seems to keep it moving.

Could you drop an airline and the inside to an old sponge filter to weight it down to the bottom of the culture (the sponge having  gone away a long time ago)?

Or would more militant harvesting of some of the greenwater help? Perhaps that would be analogous to harvesting Daphnia at a certain rate so the bloom (sort of) keeps going. Would exposing it more to the wind help? [Yeah, tip it sideways. ;) ]

Sometimes having fish stir the soup does help keep things suspended.

If you have kept greenwater going indoors, you probably have done some of those (throw 'em against the wall and see what sticks) suggestions above.

How do you keep pests out of the greenwater outside?

Good luck and all the best!

Tomoko Schum <tomokoschum at knology_net> wrote: Hi y'all,


I have been culturing green water successfully indoor for a few years.
However, I don't seem to be able to do the same outdoor.  I keep my green
water in dappled shade.  The temp right now is in 80's during the day and
high 50's at night.  I fed the culture with liquid African Violet food since
I did not put any guppies or gold fish in there.  The container is about 2
to 3 gallon size.  I tried a larger one with no luck in the past.  The
culture is nanochloropsis.  It sits there and get a bit darker, but then it
becomes foamy on top and dies.  What can I do to improve the situation?




Tomoko Schum 

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