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Re: Live Foods Digest V4 #88

I have this book and a couple of its predecessers. It is the best and most detailed of it time, and its especially useful to someone in my geographic area since it was written and much of the work was done here on the south shore of Lake Erie. However it is dated and there are new food animals now being used that are not even broached. Some new techniques and new strains of old food animals also make some of it dated. It's at its best in the more obscure where little if anything has changed over the years. 

More current and more indepth but more limited in scope is the book put out by Florida Aquafarms on the subject. That one has been expanded and updated frequently. It covers both freshwater and saltwater food animals, especially those suitable for early fry stages. It does not try to cover every live food that is used, but the most practical and essential ones that require some skill or know how to produce. The Plankton Culture Manual by Hoff and Snell is still in print.

The Encyclopedia of Live Foods is a great read for someone fascinated by this subject and gives you a feel of the history of this segment of the hobby. It's well worth the high price it usually garners. It is rarely available and when it is, I have seen it sell at auction for $50 to $100.

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