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Re: Encyclopedia of Live foods

Hi Sarah!

I'm not sure that Charles Master's Encyclopedia is still in print. I think
TFH cleared that title out, with a lot of other older (but sometimes very
good) titles.Several years ago I bought a copy for $5 on clearance. I wish I
had purchased a whole bunch of them for fish head friends. :(

Paul's suggestion of an Amazon search is good. I'd also  go to half.com
Books - affiliated with Ebay , www.abebooks.com or the Aquatic Book Shop
www.seahorses.com . Those first sources are good sites to search. The last
one is run, out your way, by aquarist Jim Forshey (sp?) and is a great
source of all manner of fish related literature. I like to patronize that
place just because they seem to work so hard to collect so many aquatic
titles. That is a good location to look at first. (A book in the hand ...)

Somebody recently mentioned that one of the on-line live foods suppliers was
selling photocopies of Master's Encyclopedia. I'm sure someone else on this
list will recall the company.

All the best!