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Re: A Dummy Question


There are very few dummy questions.  There are more dummy answers <g>

I raise microworms in plastic containers.  As the culture matures the worms 
crawl up the sides and I simply wipe them off with a finger and swish them 
into the aquarium.  Just think of them as earthworms; they are close 

As far as Grindal worms are concerned, I feed them moistened baby oatmeal, 
arranged in piles.  After they have consumed a pile they hang around for a 
while, expecting it to come back, I guess.  (Actually, it does.)
I scrape them up with the blade of a knife and swish that into the tank.  A 
little soil also is introduced but that is not a really bad thing.  In fact, 
in a planted tank it might be useful.

Good luck!