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Re: Live Foods Digest V4 #72

Hello Gabriele,

To harvest Grindal worms -- place food on top of medium and cover with a
piece of glass, plastic or aluminum foil. After 12 hours, or so, part of
the worms will cling to the cover and you can wash them down into a
container, rinse them, and feed them to your fish.

Microworms -- Once the microworms reproduced enough that they start
climbing the walls, place a wet wooden tongue depressor or a thin piece
of board at an angle in the container, so that most of it sticks out of
the food. Overnight the microworms will cover the wood and can be
conveniently scraped off, rinsed (they settle to the bottom of a conical
glass (or a test tube) in a minute or two) and fed to the fry.



> Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 10:46:51 +0100
> From: "gallareto" <gallareto at fastwebnet_it>
> Subject: a dummie question!
> Hi all, I think I'm going to ask a very usual question, sorry to bore with
> repetitive things!
> What is the best way to harvest microworms and/or grindal?
> Ciao from Torino
> Gabriele
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