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Re: A Dummy Question


After trying a variety of food in a variety of methods, I
finally found a method that works extremely well for me.

I feed my grindal worms with pieces of sandwich bread.  The
small pieces (each piece measuring approx. 1/2 inch by 1/2
inch) disappear in 24 hours and each pieces are covered by
huge amount of grindal worms.  I can harvest balls of pure
worms around the remaining miniscule pieces of sandwich
bread everyday.  No spraying or messy glass piece to mess
with.  Just pick a ball of pure worms with a tongue
depressor,  a popsicle stick or what have you.  I used to
keep grindal worms in a few shoe box type plastic containers
before.  This took extra time, opening tops, harvesting and
feeding worms in each box, and putting the box back
together.  Nowadays I use a dish pan covered loosely with a
piece of aluminum foil.  It holds a lot more peat moss and
grindal worms. Cocofibers works much better than peat moss
for me. They don't get compacted over time like peat moss.
With this set up I am done with picking and feeding worms in
no time!  You can feed a small amount of fish food along
with your sandwich bread periodically if you are concerned
about food value of the grindal worms

As for microworms, I use a small paint brush - the
inexpensive kind sold for kid's painting.  I can gently wipe
around the rim of microworm container and then dip it in a
small cup of water.  I squirt the entire worm/water mixture
with a pipette with no ill effect.  Someone mentioned that a
piece of paper laid on the surface works really well.  I
believe that he just picks it up (with a tweezers?) and
swish it directly in the tank.

Best fishes (Oops, I mean wishes),