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Re: Daphnia


"My daphnia didn't rebound this season. Could someone suggest a source near 

   If you live near Sanatoga, PA,  I'd give you a few thousand, but it would 
   be easier to order them from one of the several on-line sources.

"My daphnia seems to be having a problem. They seem 'furry" . . . . 

   I've never seen that.  I'm inclined to suggest that you dump the culture 
and start 
   over after sterilizing the container.  But if the culture is clear then 
they aren't 
   getting enough food, so you might think about increasing that.  And be 
sure that 
   the water has enough calcium in it.

   Daphnia live only 20 or 30 days, so some deaths are inevitable.  Almost 
all of the 
   "mulm" that I remove from my successful cultures are dead daphnia.

Good luck!