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Need advice : Daphnia with furry coat


My daphnia seems to be having a problem.
They seem 'furry', like having a white fur around them.
And they are swimming slower. Many are dying also.
I changed  water and they seem better but I'm afraid they're
lack of food since now the water is so clear.
Also before they develop their fur coat, there also seem to be
some white patches under their carapace.
I feed them Gram flour and yeast which i try not to over feed.
I rear them in a square plastic container (28 cm x 34 cm x 12 cm)
with about 3.5 litres of water. I put some calcium carbonate tablets
in the water (from health food store).
I estimate that there are about 200-300 individuals there..there are many 
tiny ones too but they are also coated with 'hair'.
I've been keeping the culture for 3 weeks now beside the window and with a 
small fan blowing over the surface to stir the surface. No aeration. They 
started dying when i first start the culture, then increased in numbers but 
now they are starting to die...slowly.
I'm in Glasgow, UK and temperature here is probably around 21-24 celcius 

Can anybody advice me?

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