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Re: Live Foods Digest V4 #11

Hello Matt,

Yes, flake food works quite well, productivity is high, but the culture
goes "sour" rapidly. Perhaps to start a culture going flake food might
be a good high protein starting food, but unless you want to take care
of the culture on par with your fish, switch to a carbohydrate-based

I use regular oat flakes, crushed (but NOT too fine, NOT a meal). If,
after harvesting the worms fron the inside culture cover, there is some
food left, I don't feed that day. Leftover food "sours" rapidly and the
culture declines in productivity, eventually crashing. Overfeeding with
oat flakes (or any other food) leads to the same "souring" and crash.



> Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 22:07:35 -0700
> From: "Matt & Linda Crocker" <crockerm at peak_org>
> Subject: grindals
> I just got a culture of grindals.  Has anyone used old flake food for grindal food?