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Live food allergies

I have read all of the various posts over the years relating to blood worm
allergies. I luckily do not have a problem with them. I have an allergy to
another little critter (more specifically their wastes). I realize that most
live food on this list deals with feeding fish, but I also raise insects as
food for some lizards and amphibians. The ones I have a problem with are
meal worms. When ever I go to change the culture, I get the worst head cold
for several days. If I harvest the bugs carefully, there is no problem. If I
change their bedding material (wheat bran) and stir up any dust at all, I
get sick. I am thinking of changing their bedding material to see if that
helps any. Maybe I am specifically allergic to what bran poop. I am thinking
of trying oat bran.

One last thing, I have no food allergies (namely wheat).


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