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Re: West Nile & 'Skeeters

> Hello folks,  I live the middle on the North American continent. I have
> always enjoyed raising Mosquito Larvae in the summer.
> But, after seeing how quickly the newly introduced West Nile
> Virus has spread on the East Coast, I realize that I am going to have
> to find a new live food for my summer tubs.

But, if you make a point of harvesting the larvae weekly, before they
can turn into adult mosquiotes, you actually *reduce* the number of
mosquitoes in the vicinity by craftily fooling them into wasting their
reproductive potential in feeding your fish!

> I shall really miss my lazy raising of free and very abundant Mosquito
> Larvae.     But I do not want to contribute to the West Nile
> Virus spread.

Just pour the contents of your tubs through a fish net every weekend,
and feel virtuous instead of guilty. :-)