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Lecithin, refreezing peas, and mosquito/daphnia relations

Lecithin is found in cell membranes, I think, but most refined lecithin comes from soybeans. One place you can find information about it and probably puchase it is: http://www.lecithin.com/ It's also at health food stores and in vitamin pills, so you can simply add a multivitamin pill to your ingredients once you check down the fine print on the side of the bottle to see if it's included. It would probably be near the end of the list since it is not a vitamin.

I have tried freezing the pea blend and it does not work well after freezing. It seems to clump even if you shake it up. It has to be in small pieces for the daphnia to eat it, so I don't think they can eat the clumped product after freezing.

Moon's experience is different from mine. I have found mosquito larvae and daphnia together. It is possible that glassworms, a predatory insect larvae, can be involved. I have had daphnia cultures indoors and out that mysteriously limp along until I start noticing the nearly transparent glassworms. I don't look through the sides of my cultures since they are now opaque, and I don't see them looking straight down unless I notice a strike when they suddenly drop down on a daphnia and devour it. It might be that they are not good at eating mosquito larvae because of the difference in behavior. Mosquito larvae hang at the surface and dive at the sign of danger. I have never observed the two together to see if the glassworms are capable of changing their tactics.

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