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Harvesting grindal worms

Hi everyone,

I am having a bit of trouble separating grindal worms
from their bedding.

I use a piece of Plexiglas for collecting the worms.
They stick to the Plexiglas and I spray them with water
and let them drip into a cup.  But when I add more
water to the cup to get rid of the peat moss bedding,
some of the coarser bedding material (coarse but small
enough to get sucked up by a dropper with worms) sink
to the bottom along with the worms.  Some worms are so
tiny and get washed off with excess water.  I usually
manage to pick out really coarse bedding material and
dump the remainder (worms and all) to my fish tank,
hoping that the filter can handle them.

I wonder if I should move my grindal worm to finer peat
moss bedding or some other media.  I should split them
anyway to have some culture as backup.  I guess I can
use a fine sieve to get rid of the coarse stuff and use
resulting peat moss powder.  I hope that the fine
powdery peat moss will not smother the little guys.

I hope some of you can help shed some light on this
subject for me.