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Re:Peat for Grindal Worms

Hi Tomoko,

One of the fish that I breed are killifish and I incubate their eggs on a
small amount of damp peat.  The peat I use is from Jiffy Pellets.  These are
flat disks of dried compressed peat wrapped with a thin net webbing.  When
placed in water, they swell up significantly.  Gardeners use them to start
seeds in.  This peat is very fine.  I use the kind without added fertilizers
(somewhere I have the code number for these).  I bought a case which has
lasted for over two years.  After using it to incubate eggs, I take the used
peat and recycle it by using it for for my Grindal worms and my red
wrigglers <who recycle one more time :) >.