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Re: Live Foods Digest V3 #90

Hi George, Oscars are omnivores, but they eat very little to no live fish in
their wide ranging natural habitats. Relax. You should not be feeding the
oscars live fish, especially goldfish. The fat in goldfish is indigestible
for many fish and can build up fatally around internal organs. Live foods
for oscars should be crustaceans, large worms, small worms for small oscars
while that lasts, insects, and insect larvae. Their main diet can be
prepared, quality, varied, pellet, tablet, or even flake food. They should
do well with an assortment of the Doromin line added to their diet. You can
also feed the "green live foods". Inexpensive aquatic plants, soft tropical
fruits, blanched cucumber and zucchini are all ones your oscars may take to.

You could culture red worms, lobster roaches, or crayfish as healthy
alternative live foods for your oscars.