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Moina was Re: Daphnia Culture

Hi George,
	did you get the moina culture going?  Been finding some intresting
things out about it.  Right now finding buckets work the best.  Also
frequent water changes.  Doing some work right now regarding density and
aeration or the lach there of.  Seems the 5 gallon bucket outside has
worked well because they warm up in the daylight.  I may need to see if
painting the buckets black makes things work even better.  They do not
produce well over the winter months as they seem to need warm temps.
However what seems to have the most of an impact is changing 50% of the
culture water daily with new green water.  Currently I have replaced my
need for artemia on a daily basis.  I should hatch some out now and then
to give the fish somre more variety in their diets.....