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Re: Live Foods Digest V3 #56

Hello Adrian,

First you have to decide whether you want an indoor or outdoor culture.

An outdoor culture could take care of itself, algae and bacteria being
the principal food. Negatives -- breeding ground for mosquitoes and
possible overheating and death of Daphnia.

Inside culture has to be fed. I prefer yeast -- regular baker's yeast is
OK -- because with yeast it is easier to avoid overfeeding. Flour is OK,
but control is difficult. Overfeeding and the resulting oxygen depletion
often kills Daphnia cultures.

The size of the container is NOT important -- but below 1 gal (4 L) it
is not very practical.

The most important part is your starter culture. I am assuming that you
will be using an indigenous species, used to the ambient temperatures.
There is great variety between different species and local clones. Some
can stand crowding better that others, some can get used to crowding,
others not, some require special food organisms. If you can get a
starter from a successful culture, then use the same method and

WARNING: Don't overfeed! -- Don't overcrowd! -- Harvest regularly!

For harvesting I siphon out the required amount of Daphnia and replace
the water with fresh water. To replace one can use water siphoned from
your fish tank during water changes, after settling, or fresh water. Is
your water chlorinated? Daphnia are quite sensitive to chlorine.

If you have other questions, just ask.



> Hi
> I want to start a daphnia culture.
> I searched the archives and couldnt make my mind clear on what exactly do I
> need to do.
> Could somebody on the listy provide me with dumb proof instructions on what
> are the steps I should take.
> I live in Mexico so its more of a tropical weather.
> If you can provide information on setup like minnimum size container, water
> parameters, aereation, cycling, feeding and harvesting,etc
> I have tried a couple of times using 3 gallon buckets, last time I used Gram
> floor for feeding and coarse aereation with no success.
> Im thinking in a small scale operation to feed ocasional to my fish (75 G
> tank)
> Im open for either outside or inside cultures methods.
> All help trully appreciated.
> Adrian