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Daphnia Culture


I want to start a daphnia culture.

I searched the archives and couldnt make my mind clear on what exactly do I
need to do.

Could somebody on the listy provide me with dumb proof instructions on what
are the steps I should take.

I live in Mexico so its more of a tropical weather.

If you can provide information on setup like minnimum size container, water
parameters, aereation, cycling, feeding and harvesting,etc

I have tried a couple of times using 3 gallon buckets, last time I used Gram
floor for feeding and coarse aereation with no success.

Im thinking in a small scale operation to feed ocasional to my fish (75 G

Im open for either outside or inside cultures methods.

All help trully appreciated.


NOTE: I appologise if  this message appeared twice. I used a "reply" from an
old digest, but forget to delete the old digest. I recalled the message but
dont know if I was succesfull. Any way, just a little more traffic on the
list :))