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Re: Daphnia/slime coat agent

 > From: Beverly Erlebacher <bae at cs_toronto.edu>
> Subject: Re: Killing daphnia with "Amquel" question
> I wonder if the daphnia-killer in Amquel is the 'artificial slime coat'
> stuff.  Handwaving, I hypothesize that it could gum up the small moving
> parts that daphnia need to filter-feed and breathe.

Beverly's thought above reminded me that some years ago I won a packet of a
new food product to be added to homemade fish foods. It was supposed to
include all sorts of Omega3's etc. etc. and to gel the liquid parts of the
food so water quality would be protected. I added a little of it to some of
my daphnia food as an experiment. The Daphnia stuck together. Beverly could
have hit on the cause if it is not metals or chemicals.