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Re: Amquel and dead daphnia


Mach ,
Sue Katz brought a Dapnia culture home from the AZ killie club meeting last 
week while I was visiting in AZ. 
She put them in water with Amquel and they were dead in 24 hours. She was 
upset because she knew about the problem with Dapnia and the use of Amquel 
but she had forgotten. So I witnessed it again. You mentioned the moina you 
sent to me which were all dead when they got to MI.  Amquel and Daphnia don't 
mix. Exactly how much they will tolerate, if any I don't know but someone 
here on the list should be able to make very accurate measurements and find 
that level if it exists. (I have well water so I don't use Amquel)

Jim Eller
je3 at aol_com

> Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 08:18:20 -1000
>  From: "Mach T. Fukada" <fukada at aloha_net>
>  Subject: Re: V3 #18 Killing daphnia with "Amquel" question
>  I first noticed this problem as I would find daphnia, moina dead in tanks
>  that I had recently cleaned. Of course I added AmQuel as there are times of
>  the year that chlorine and cholramines are added to our tap water.  I
>  noticed daphnia kills up to a week or so after each cleaning.  Not too sure
>  if it persists longer.  I only put it together when I sent a shipment of
>  monia to Jim Eller, and figured add some buffer, some amquel (it works for
>  fishes) and they all died enroute.  Doing side by side (in same shipping
>  bags) I found that the amquel was the cause.   I suspect that most
>  daphniaand moina are fairly susceptable to certain water contaminants and
>  as I am not sure what are the active agents in amquel I can't say for
>  sure...
>  MTF
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>  >Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 22:12:28 EST
>  >From: CEFCHURCH at aol_com
>  >Subject: Re: V3 #18 Killing daphnia with "Amquel" question
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>  >In a message dated 1/29/00 3:09:31 AM US Central Standard Time
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>  ><< Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 16:55:35 -0800
>  > From: Wright Huntley <huntley1 at home_com>
>  > Subject: Killing Daphnia with "Amquel."
>  >
>  > There has been a thread on this subject, lately on the killietalk list, 
> that
>  > deserves a mention here.
>  >
>  > Mach Fukada pointed out that "Amquel" seemed to kill his Daphnia. Since I
>  > had suffered some mysterious crashes, I tested it. Sure enough a glass of
>  > Daphnia, Ostracods and mosquito larvae left alone survived nicely, but 
>  > with a strong solution of "Amquel" (125:1 water to "Amquel") killed an
>  > identical glass overnight. The Ostracods survived, but everything else 
>  > dead the next day.  >>
>  >
>  >Do you think old aquarium water orginally treated with Amquel is safe to 
> add
>  >to a daphnia aquarium?
>  >
>  >Chuck Church
>  >Indianapolis, Indiana USA
>  Mach T. Fukada