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water for daphnia cultures

I am on city water and do not have easy access to well water or spring water. 
 Several sources have indicated old aquarium water can be used for a daphnia 
culture.  Based on the current thread, city water freshly treated with 
"Amquel" will kill the daphnia; old aquarium water originally treated with 
"Amquel" is questionable.

Last spring, I introduced daphnia magna in to a 300 gallon rainwater outdoor 
pond and they did great until summer heat crashed the culture.  The only 
thing I added was a few chunks of whole limestone and assorted whole FW and 
SW shells.   

So what are folks on city water using to culture daphnia?  Rainwater?  Old 
aquarium water treated with something other than "Amquel"? Purchased bottles 
of spring water?  Any other options?

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA