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Re: Subject lines in posts

Peter G. Aitken at peter at pgacon_com wrote:

> I have a request as regards the subject line for postings which I think will
> make the list easier for everyone to use. SOme people use a subject that
> only identifies the digest they are responding to, for example "Aquatic
> Plants Digest V3 #1404." Since each digest encompasses multiple subjects
> this is not very useful. Please use the specific subject of the post, and
> others will be able to locate posts of interest a lot more easily.
> Cheers,
> Peter G. Aitken
> Chapel Hill, NC

I agree, but I think at least part of the problem is that most email clients
reply using the digest subject header by default, and the list only comes in
digest form. I have frequently forgotten to change the subject line,
especially when I'm in a hurry or I'm fiddling with quoting. Frankly, I
prefer individual messages instead of the digest, but that's not an option
with this list. Luckily, I use an email client (Outlook Express) that can
"burst" digests into individual messages, which gives me much more control
over my email.

Just curious Cynthia...why is list is only available in digest mode?

Dan Dixon