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An interesting story

Hi again everyone,

Was just sitting in front of my Aquarium and just taught about something you
all might interesting or otherwise :-)

In Trinidad (West Indies), where I grew up and lived until 1985, we ate a
fish "Cas-ca-du" and another one called "Mama-tate-ta" (this is how the
local name is pronounced), and guess what, I have them both in my aquarium.
The cory/catfish, I think is called a hassa, it builds a floating nest made
of rice stalks/grass in the rice fields after it rains, then it lays its
eggs on the underside of the nest.  I remember when we were little we used
to go into the fields and take a stick and disturb the water around the
nest, when we did this the fish, trying to protect the nest, attacks the
stick.  Then we knew the fish were home, so we then take a basket and scoop
the fish & nest up.  Sometime we got as many as 10 fishes in one nest.  They
were about 5-6 inches long.
The pleco (I never did eat this one, but I knew they were eaten), were
caught in the rivers, these were about 12" long.

And no, I'm not going to eat the ones I have (just incase anyone is

Winnipeg, Manitoba