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Re: fluorescent tube life-span

Wright Huntley wrote:

"I must respectfully disagree with Bob, here. His answer is true for 
some of the very poorly-designed and horribly-overpriced tubes sold 
at your lfs. Most tubes sold for commercial and residential uses 
retain most of their output until the gas will no longer sustain a 
discharge. They are available in as good or better spectral 
distributions, too. Total drop in brightness is maybe 10-20% until 
they no longer fire. There are some lfs exceptions, like Triton 
(overpriced, maybe, but at least well designed)."

Wright, could you give a list of specific household bulbs which are 
both well-designed and of "as good or better spectral 
distributions"? This would be very useful information.

Cathy Hartland
balmy Middletown, MD