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Re: Getting rid of snails

Hello all,

A while back someone expressed a desire for total snail
removal. That person might want to try a bubblebee catfish,
Leiocassus siamensis. A neighbour has two very similar 65
gallon tanks. At one time both had hundreds of MTS and
ramshorns. Over time the snail population in one tank has
been reduced to zero, while the other has remained the same.  
The aquarium without the snails contains rainbowfish, tiger
and golden barbs, one Anomalochromis thomasi, and a bumblebee
catfish. The bet is on the large-mouthed nocturnal predator.
Snails tossed into the tank fail to take hold. Water
conditions are identical.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca