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Algea and PMDD

Hi all.

I thought I'd keep people informed on how my algea problem is doing.
About a week ago, I mentioned that after starting PMDD, I developed
enough pelt algea to choke a horse.  Well, I followed people's advice
and upped my nitrate additions (I'm adding 3.5 ppm per day now).  I
have also cut my feeding in half and increased my water changes.
The results are dramatic to say the least.  I would say that at least
half the algea is gone.  The pelt algea on the old growth is now fairly
easy to pull off and I can find no pelt algea on any new growth.
At one point, I got a large bloom of filamentous algea, but that seems
to have mostly disappeared too.

Anyway, I want to thank everyone for their help.