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CO2 Benefits

I have been raising fish for 35 years and aquatic plants seriously for about 5.  Good results but very slow growth..

I tried DIY CO2 and didn't see any results, but hey - what do you expect with 6 liters of fermenting capacity and 135
gallons of tank.

About three months ago, I finally broke down and got a CO2 rig and started fogging the CO2 in (~7lbs per month into a 135
gallon).  The Ph dropped from 7.6+ (off -scale) down to 6.9 to 7.0.

The result is a veritable jungle - everything grows profusely, especially the amazons and the java moss.  Several plants
are actively photosynthesizing as guaged by the streams oxygen bubbles under artificial light (sunlight works better).

The fish ( 6 large geophagus, 20 congo tetras, 4 large plecostomus and assorted oddities) are doing well, even after one
near-gassing (valve misadjustment).  Only the rift lake cichlids (about 15 brichardi) appear to be less than enthusiastic
( they are pH switch sensitive and should be in a high Ph tank), but I gave up on trying to get them out of the tank a
long time ago.

The results are definitely worth the ~$170 in tank, valve, regulator, etc.