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RE; Perfecto SHO lights

I placed the post quoted below that Ivo Busko quoted in APD # V3 1401

And just as a short update, I have been waiting a week for a call back from
Samantha and it has not happened. I re-emailed her and got a response that
she would call me Firday 11/19....no call. So, apparently it is all that
critical an issue. Upon examining my 48" SHO strip the wires from the lamp
sockets do indeed com very close to the reflector metal edges. Mine was
purchased when they first hit the market about a year or so ago, so I will
be getting it replaced.....if they ever get in touch with me! They will ship
a new replacement first,  if you give them a credit card # as collateral. I
would have to assume they will pay shipping both ways and hopefully will
issue a UPS call tag to have the old one picked up. I will follow up with a
post if/when I get in direct contact with their customer service dept. The
do not appear to be prepared, very well, for this kind of direct inquires.
Bob Buettner
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Northwest CT
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Not quite. Here is what I found posted in rec.aquaria.freshwater.misc;:
>Here is the reply I got from perfecto after emailing them on this
>question: "Dear Bob,
>It sounds like your light falls into the dates that are effected by the
>recall.  There is no problem with the wiring.  The voluntary recall is
>being undertaken to install a rubber grommet on the end of the metal
>reflector inside the light. Please call our
>Customer service department at 800-241-7485, so that we may make
>arrangements to get you a new light and get your old one sent back to
>our facility.
>Thank you,
>Samantha Spidel
>Perfecto Customer Service Manager"