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Re: RE; Perfecto SHO lights

>>I called the 800 number yesterday after I saw the first posting about this.
>>I spoke with the woman in charge of this matter re: customer relations.
>>told me that what is missing is a grommet where the wire is exiting the
>>unit.  So I checked the lights that I have, and my 2 48s have grommets and
>>one of my 30s does not.
>>For some reason I can't get any postings onto APD, but could you just let
>>people know exactly what the problem is?  It might save a lot of people
>>sending in their units, panicking, for nothing.
>>Gabriella Kadar

Not quite. Here is what I found posted in rec.aquaria.freshwater.misc;:

>Here is the reply I got from perfecto after emailing them on this
>question: "Dear Bob,
>It sounds like your light falls into the dates that are effected by the
>recall.  There is no problem with the wiring.  The voluntary recall is
>being undertaken to install a rubber grommet on the end of the metal
>reflector inside the light. Please call our
>Customer service department at 800-241-7485, so that we may make
>arrangements to get you a new light and get your old one sent back to
>our facility.
>Thank you,
>Samantha Spidel
>Perfecto Customer Service Manager"

Apparently there are two problems, one where the power cord enters the 
plastic casing, and another at both ends of the reflector. Close inspection 
of my 36" unit (I disassembled it) showed nothing wrong. The power cord 
grommet is in place, and the reflector is not even near touching the lamp 
wire feeds. These are firmly secured and won't touch the reflector even
with rough handling. So I guess not all units would benefit from the recall. 
Mine is fine as it is, in particular because the 36" 2-bulb 110 watt units 
are being replaced by 36" 1-bulb 55 watt units ! Who in their right mind 
would pay $$ to get 55 watts of light in the same package that holds a 
double fluorescent 60 watt strip that costs well less ? Beats me.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD