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Re: APD #1399, Re: 3 foot T8's

Mike G. sez:
> With the current thread about T-8 and T-12's going on, I have a question.
>  I definitely agree that T-8's are the in-bulb.  Can anyone offer a
>  suggestion of sources for T-8's of the 3 foot variety (other than pet
>  stores of course).  I am currently using Aqua-Glo & Sun-Glo in a dual strip
>  hood.  I had to mail order them (still cheaper than LFS!).  I was just
>  wondering about the availability of 3 foot T-8's which may be available
>  under a non-aquarium product type name, which I may be able to find at a
>  common nationwide type store?

There are two entirely different (and incompatable) lamps that are 3 feet 
long, 1 inch diameter, with "medium bi-pin" ends.  F30T8 lamps are intended 
for a preheat ballast and they only have a rated life of 7500 hours.  They 
are basically the same technology as the old T12's.  I think they might 
actually be interchangable with F30T12's.  F25T8 lamps operate at a lower 
current and a much higher voltage; they are usually used with electronic 
ballasts.  They have a rated life of 20000 hours and produce about the same 
amount of light as the F30T8's (but use less electricity).

Best regards,