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Re: 3 foot T-8's???

Dan Dixon wrote:

>suppliers. The bulb I wanted, a Phillips TL950, was nowhere to be found,
>although one supplier found 11 of them in some distribution warehouse in
>Mississippi that could be shipped in two weeks. Being the immediate<snip>

You should look for the Phillips 'TL'D/90 de Luxe instead ( 
It's a 5300 K, CRI > 95 full spectrum T-8 that delivers 2350 lumens in its 
4' 36 watt size, as compared with 2000 lumens of the TL950. It also delivers 
about twice more PAR photons than the TL950, and its spectrum is the closest
to the solar I ever have seen. I wonder if the older TL950 wasn't 
discontinued ? The 'TL'D/90 seems perfect for aquarium use, but does not come 
cheap. My local Philips distributor sells the 4' tube for US$22.50, special 
order. It is imported from Europe.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD