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Re: 3 foot T-8's???

On Fri, 19 Nov 1999, M.G. wrote:

> Hello Everyone-
> With the current thread about T-8 and T-12's going on, I have a question.
> I definitely agree that T-8's are the in-bulb.  Can anyone offer a
> suggestion of sources for T-8's of the 3 foot variety (other than pet
> stores of course).  I am currently using Aqua-Glo & Sun-Glo in a dual strip
> hood.  I had to mail order them (still cheaper than LFS!).  I was just
> wondering about the availability of 3 foot T-8's which may be available
> under a non-aquarium product type name, which I may be able to find at a
> common nationwide type store?


First the oft-posted warning must be given that not all T-8's are the
same.  The 18" and 3' T-8's sold in pet stores and hardware stores are the
traditional old-style tubes just like T-12's, and will not gain you any of
the high lumen advantages of modern T-8's, nor should they be used with
the electronic T-8 ballasts.  Check the wattage: fancy 3-foot T-8's are
rated at 25 watts; traditional 3' bulbs are rated at 30 watts.

Now, that said, I was browsing a GE flyer yesterday and found they have
5000K T-8s available in 2', 3', 4', 5' (!), and 8'.  The catalog number
you want is F25T8/SPX50, and you can get them from commercial lighting
distributors (along with the appropriate ballasts).  I've bought Sylvania
bulbs in 2' sizes before, so I suppose they are also available in 3'.
Sylvania also sells 6500K commercial bulbs, so they might have that in
smaller sizes.  They may have to order the bulb for you... and I suppose
depending on who you talk to, they might want you to buy a whole case, so
be nice. :)

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com