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Re: Heteranthra zosterfolia being eaten

>Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 20:35:00 EST
>From: Z28Camaro2000 at aol_com
>Subject: Re: Heteranthra zosterfolia being destroyed
<snip> As soon as a new shoot or
>leave is put forth its gone or its tips are munched on, but I don't know what
>is doing it.>
>My tank Also has 3 gold guarmies, 3 black skirted tetras, 2 bristlenose
>plecos, 11 otos, 2 Sae, 4 medium size rasboras, 4 rosy barbs, 3 sword tails,
>and 4 mollies,.  Could any of these be eating them, its not with plant
>competition because the plant looks like its been torn apart.  I also have a
>lot of unwanted snails and malaysian trumpet snails.  What could it be.

I agree with Pierre... probably the Barbs and/or the Mollies. Definitely
not MTS which do not eat plants. I think if you consult a book you will see
that both Barbs and Mollies (especially Barbs) are destructive to plants.
H. zosterfolia is especially soft and delicate and will be delicious for
these guys. I used to have a bristle nose pleco and he rasped away on my
sword plant leaves. If yours has lots of algae he will be okay but if he's
hungry I believe they will eat plants. If you want to keep all your fish
try giving them some algae wafers so they eat those instead.

in Vancouver