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Re: Killing MTS (snails not the OS)

>Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 09:04:06 EST
>From: Piabinha at aol_com
>Subject: MTS: too much of a good thing?

><< I have so many MSTs in my 30 gallon tank, I can't see the fish.  I finally
> found a way to kill them in a ten-gallon without disrupting the substrate.
> pulled out all the plants and fish, and dumped a bunch of muriatic acid into
> it.  The gravel fizzed for three days, and not one MST is left.  I will do
> the same to my 30 gallon in the near future, but I am somewhat reticent, as
> the plants are finally getting a start there. >>
>why such drastic measures?  snails need some minerals in the water (to build
>shells).  if you keep your water soft and acidic, their population will
>tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA

I agree with tsuh yang. I doubt that you needed to do this even if you did
have a lot of snails. You must have a very dirty tank to have THAT many. In
other words.. you needed them. They multiply according to the food
available to them. Also loaches will eat enough of them to keep the
population down. I personally don't think you did "good". How about
offering some around to other hobbyists? And did you sift those dead snails
out of the gravel after you killed them all? Or do you now have a stinking
mass of dead snails in your substrate?? And BTW, they are "MTS" (Malaysian
Trumpet snails) NOT "MST". Next thing we know you'll be using "Agent
Orange" on your dandelions. <g>

in Vancouver