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Cursed Ramshorns!

  In my one tank (bare bottom, bristlenose plecos and million ramshorns)
my watersprite is indestructible.  I pull out a new plant about every
other week and plant it in another tank.  Well, I have a heavily planted
ten gallon with Anubias, Swords, Lileopsis (sp?), Crypts, and Rotala.  I
added one of the new watersprite plants about three days ago, and now
the red ramshorns (introduced one for some algae control) have munched
it down to almost nothing.
  What I want to know is, is there a small, peaceful snail predator that
will rid my tanks of these pests?  The reason I want something small and
peaceful is that this tank has a pair of Apistos and sixteen pygmy corys
(pygmeus and hasbrosus), and I want to keep them.  I would be moving the
snail pred to a twenty gallon tank afterward.
  Another solution I am interested in is, is there a way to get the new
watersprite plants to be as unpalatable as the mother plan?.  THere are
no fewer snails in with the mother plant, but for some reason the snails
leave it alone.  Any suggestion?

Jason Miller 
Sherwood Park, AB